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The Diversity Training Group E-Learning portal is a portal based, distance learning education and training program administered by the Worldwide Virtual Academy which uses cutting edge technology based delivery systems to provide capacity building information, education and training access and opportunities to individuals, small business enterprises and major corporations.

Diversity Training Group supports the continuous education and training needs of professionals in today’s fast-paced world. Since hectic schedules make it difficult to take time away from their office extensively to expand their knowledge, distance learning provides an excellent complement to classroom training.


Available Courses

  Diversity Training Group's Signature Course

Making Diversity Work For You

In today’s society, diversity has become a part of our everyday life.  However, there are still some areas that people may unknowingly still have a bias.  Diversity issues, as these biases are known, are addressed and diversity myths are debunked.  This course will give an overview of diversity, diversity issues and the biases that many of us still face, even in this culture of diversity.  It will provide you with assessments of your own biases and ways you can work on any areas that are uncovered. After taking this course, you will have built a toolkit of skills to openly engage diversity issues and assist you in becoming a role model and an agent of change for diversity.

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 Valuing Workplace Diversity 

Many companies today are composed of people of all ages from who have varying educational, personal, geographical and social backgrounds.  It is necessary that companies understand the value of their diverse employees and implement a plan to recruit and retain those employees.   Success in this normally leads to increased employee morale, retention, reputation and profits. This course will help you understand workplace diversity and how to implement and manage it so your company and its employees are successful.

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